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‘I’m complicated, you won’t get me, I have trouble understanding myself…. My Head is a jungle…’

Using a sequence of eight images within a linear, chronological narrative, I have used a conventional narrative to explore the unconventional- An Invisible, metaphysical question -what do the internal mental struggles of the human psyche look like? Using the above quote to further contextualise the sequence, I am exploring the ‘unseen’ in my work entitled ‘My head is a jungle’. As Duane Michal’s quotes “Photographers deal with reality exquisitely … “” ...But to me that is to say that appearances are the only things which we consider to be real. What about dreams, what about fear, what about lust…”. By creating a neutral environment with a passive model, I have allowed her to embodying the ‘everybody’ whilst personifying anxiety and mental health issues. Using flowers as a signifier, the sequence follows a mental ‘episode’- A ‘jungle’ of invasive thoughts growing, reaching peak and retreating – leaving behind just a few petals, a permanent reminder of thoughts gone but never forgotten.

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